Monday, 16 May 2011

walk this way

piecing together the [story] behind the anomaly :

Stephen Wragg has been documenting the walking men adorning and instructing our [sub]urban landscapes. The project reveals a refreshing dose of creativity lurking in the obsessively standardised imagery of our streets

see the domestic exotic issue of matzine for a [conversation] with the artist

planning spontaneity

a book [review] : the Spontaneous City by Urhahn Urban Design

architect-shaped urban planning seems to run through Dutch blood, or perhaps their canals - cue a pedigree of superCities, which start to look a bit heavy in this popping up world.
Urhahn dissect the processes behind thinking small ... a landscape of teeny tiny interventions sure sounds exciting...

assembling hackney wick

First there was a cinema nestled into an inner city petrol forecourt, now Assemble continues the momentum of the good idea, and empathy for London's unloved sites, with Folly for a Flyover.

Check out the youngest [branch] to grow on the archi-urbanist family tree