a Brechtian theatre

[part II integrated design project]

a starting point : the birth of memory pockets, fragile survivors of industrial wipeout in Ouseburn confidently inhabit their own spot within the hill, each offers a unique story of how it came to be, a memory of all that it has witnessed, a possible route connecting them pieces together a narrative of the site, a possible route of performance 
dissected axonometric : industrial introspection of performance spaces juxtaposed with openness of riverside social spaces

exterior views, from : [clockwise from top left] st. ann's stretching out to the valley; ouseburn bridge along invigorated riverside walk; east riverbank weaving upwards ... theatre as protagonist, guts on show, to be played with, walked all over ... all elitist, ostentatious gestures shaken off

technical section : using structure as a tool to fragment and contrast spaces, performance as route weaving through different spaces + thoughts, theatre as a catalytic experience

model : adventure playground, building as the constant protagonist, changing costume for whatever each role prescribes


model-montage sketches : stages for performers, stages for spectators, stages for the spect-actor ... stages for djs, how will the neighbours choose to explore it?

context : severed links re-established, breathing life+love once more into this amnesiac valley; masterplanning as urban acupuncture 

studio :  inspiration, ideas, knowledge, working, making, drawing, thinking, sitting, searching, head up high, head in hands, a learning curve